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I know may be you have more question about our service isn't  ? May be these are the question?

What is your service charge ?

Do you have any hidden charges ?

what is the benefit if i am using your car loan service ?

How can i trust this company ?

Were is your office , do you have proper office ?

I am planning to by a American / Japan imported car is this possible to buy this car 

I am planning to buy Gcc spec car can you arrange bank finance for this car  

I am from  al ain do i can apply for car loan

How to know i am eligible for a car loan 

I have a cheque bounce is possible i can apply for car loan 

My credit score is low is this possible for a car loan ( what will be the minimum credit score required ?)

i found the car in out side , but this car have mortgage how can i buy this car 

Are you a car dealer ?

Are you a private finance company ?

Are you working for any bank ?

From were should i buy the car ?

Are you a private finance company ?

From were you guys will finance it ?

Which bank You provide car loan ?

Who will pay to the car seller ?

How long my seller wait for money

If i am paying your seller same time what will be be my benefits ?

If i am find the car from an individual seller can you help me ?

If i am buying the car from a car dealer can you assist me to buy this car ?  

what will be the car loan interest rate ?

what minimum documents required for this car loan ?

What will be the minimum salary for car loan ?

if my company not listed with any  bank is am still eligible for a car loan 

My company don't have office how can i  apply for a car loan ?

My company don't have a land phone connection how can i avail a car loan ?

Do you have Islamic finance facility ? 

how can i start a deal with your company

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