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What are the services that we do?

We can arrange 100% car loan for any used cars in UAE.

A zero down payment scheme can be arranged on a car loan.

We can pay the seller at any time.

We handle all bank related documents.

You can buy cars from any individual sellers or dealers.

How do I find my car?

We will help you to find a car or You can find a car  from anywhere like Dubizel.

​How do I start the car loan process with you?

Feel free to call  and discuss about what you need.
And arrange the documents as per our instructions.
Then you can  find your car from any seller .

Next, we go to the seller together. Then we pay your seller and buy the car from him. After that we register the car with the bank mortgage in your name.


Is it a private finance company or Bank finance?

We are not a private finance company. We only do car loan from banks .We act as a car loan agent. But we have many attractive features. Read more for details…

car loan is very essay with 100% used car finance for any used cars , we do very less bank interest rate with zero down payment used cars ,used car loan doing with all banks ,how can i get 100% used car finance , this will be the normal people questions 

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