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Why we need your service to buy a used car with bank finance ?

If i go through bank i can get my car loan so my drought is why i need your service ?


My Story

    If he wants to buy a car on his own, the intention is to buy the vehicle from a trusted own seller, and if he immediately asks for the price of the vehicle in cash, he can immediately buy the vehicle or buy the car from a car dealer at the lowest possible price. If you intend to buy a car, pay him immediately .This is a plan to pay the price of the car to the bank in monthly instalments. In short, with our help, you can immediately buy a vehicle of your choice from a dealer or an individual, and then buy it from the bank on a minimum monthly basis.


Read the whole thing like a story.

                                                                   Until recently, the average person could only buy a car through car dealers if they wanted to buy a car through bank finance. Because if you buy a car from a car dealer, they will take care of the loan and the down payment. The person taking the loan does not need to know anything more. Sometimes the important thing is that if they have difficulty paying the down payment, they will look into the matter. Then they will sell the car at the highest price they intend to sell the car. In addition, there is no guarantee as to who used this vehicle or where it was serviced. Some dealers may even catch us. All rights reserved.

                                                             Then we think it's better to buy a car from someone who sells a vehicle for sale after own use. Then sometimes it can be difficult to get a loan without a down payment. Now that you are ready to pay the down payment ...... If a person who thought that you could manage the loan yourself approaches the seller (i.e. the person who sells the car using his own car), he or she will sometimes have the balance of the existing car loan. He can change the name of the car, sell the car or apply for a loan in the name of the person who bought the car only if he pays and clears it in the bank ..!



                                                             If there is no loan left to pay to the bank, then another problem that may arise is that after the transfer of ownership of the car in the name of the seller and the buyer, the balance documents will be handed over to the bank and the seller will have to wait for a few days to get the money from the bank!


                                                           If the seller hears all the rules of this bank or realizes that there is a delay in getting the money from the bank even after changing the name of the vehicle, he is likely to withdraw saying 'give the vehicle only for ready cash'. Now suppose the seller agrees.


                                                  Another problem that arises is how to get a car loan without paying the down payment to the bank. The buyer has to pay 20% down payment to the bank and the on-road expenses have to be borne by hand. The sale and purchase will not end well if the seller and the buyer of the vehicle do not know the rules or things of the bank loan. A car buyer who knows all this will think that if he goes to a dealer and buys a car, there will be no problem.

By changing it all now. No matter who you buy the car from, we can give you a 100% car loan from the bank immediately after the payment is made, with or without a down payment (i.e. you do not have to pay the first 20% in the bank).


                                                    To do this, you must first call us and have all the documents ready .Then select a vehicle of your choice from the place of your choice, we can help you if you have to pay the balance of the previous loan to the bank or if the seller needs money immediately. Also, with immediate payment, the buyer can buy the car at the lowest possible price from the seller .Do not give up once you find a good car above the price.


                                               Do not tell the seller anything about the loan. Just tell him that he intends to buy the car for ready cash. You can also buy the vehicle directly from the seller of the vehicle for ready cash through us. It's important to own a good car without falling into the trap of being cheaper.


                                      When you see a car in the hands of individuals, it's a little less beautiful, but it's a little more than a kilometer but you have to understand that it's all there is to it. In addition, you do not have to pay the 5% VAT that you have to pay when you buy a car from another person.



                         Apart from all this, we have another option ...... Refinance .....


                                      That is, if you own a car, if you need money ... you have the option of re-lending the car in hand and borrowing money from the bank. Bank interest rates on re-finance are relatively low.


The following are our only features



1. A good car that you like or trust can be bought immediately from a person or dealer for a cheap price.


2. Under no circumstances should you have to buy a car from a dealer just for a bank loan.


3. If the seller wants to clear the balance of the old loan, we can help.

4 .We can help if the seller needs money immediately.


5. If you find it difficult to find a good car, our service is always open for you. That too without the need for the first down payment in the bank


6. We will be introducing to you a special plan of 20% that the leading banks have to pay first for the customer and also Islamic Car lone.

7. A representative of ours will be there to help you with everything


8 .100% car loan, small monthly installments, low interest rate and a good car in addition to all this ... With all this, we have a small income to live on. Since our service charge is just 500 dhs, your happiness will be our success.

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