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Insurance for used cars 


                                      Insurance is monetary for any used car loan and its will be full insurance. If you plan to get mortgage with bank, then you should understand For first year third party insurance will not be valid. On the first year you should make full party insurance and the value will be full of LPO amount. Remember not same on finance amount. And you should collect the originals and with hire purchase. And you should submit in the bank before register the car or after terms and condition  of bank policy ,For refinance and Islamic car loan you should buy Islamic insurance only .

  And insurance charges will be approximately  for saloon car 1000 dhs and station 1500 , cope 1500 dhs . these all we saying approximately starting insurance rates. But you know may be your Driving license is new , May be you are less than 25 years old ,if your car value is more , etc .Many  reason your insurance premium can be more 

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