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What are the documents required for a car loan?

Salary certificate ,

Last Four months bank statement ,

Etihad report with score (aecb report with score)

Passport front and back with visa page 

Emirates id 

Driving licence 

From were i get all my documents 

salary certificate from company . bank statement from bank or even online its fine , AECB report  with score from central bank .For that you can get from this link  ( search on google for aecb report with score ,or Etihad report with score . if not you can find on android play store or apple store .Remember for this report  84 dhs is chargeable from central bank 

Additional documents 

If bank needs any more additional documents we will confirm you once these documents are we received. pay slip or clarification letters, home country licence ,marriage certificate  etc (if needed only ) 

Where i deposit my advance amount ?

After our credit team approval-if you want to really continue with our deal 525 Advance  you can deposit to one of these accounts and send us the receipts for proof .if  incase the deal is rejected 500 dhs-will be  refundable as per policy-And remember after advance only we can send you bank application forms .




AC - 101 1394169 001

IBAN- AE310260001011394169001


DEVALOKAM CAR Registration transfer SERVICE

AC 0372230670001

IBAN AE080400000372230670001

Al qusais 

Before our conformation if you want to  start to searching the car from market  yes you can  ,but don't give any advance with out our conformation, still if you confident with your documents you can give advance at on your risk.All original documents should be on your hand before purchasing the car from the seller. After pre approval from the bank or at the time of car purchase, eg Org passport , Org salary certificate ,org emirates id, cheque from same bank and same account, If any additional documents are provided, originals should be submitted in the bank or our team ,

our procedure 


Step 1-First we collect your documents  and check with our credit team for car loan eligibility

Step 2- If eligibility conformed from our credit team, we send your documents to the bank for for pre- approval after advance received 

Step 3-Once pre -approval  conformed from bank our company person go with you and pay the full amount to your seller and buy the car from him.

step 4- After that we complete your bank procedure and register the car the name of yours .once amount received we released the car and the guarantee documents  

what we can assure ?

Trust us ,we will do our best to get your car .

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