CAR NAME                           :  NISSAN ALTIMA 

MODEL                                 :  2013

MILEAGE                              :  68000

CAR PRIZE                           :  30000


STARTS FROM                    :  500

COLOUR                              :  SILVER

SEATS                                  :  FABRIC

INTERIOR                             :  BEIGE & BLACK

REAR AC                              :  YES

DOORS                                :  5

SPEC                                    :  GCC

TRANSMISSION                  :  AUTOMATIC

BODY TYPE                         :  SALOON

BODY CONDITION             :  GOOD


CONDITION                         :  GOOD

CYLINDERS                          :  4

ENGINE                                 :  2.5 LTR

FUEL TYPE                           :  GASOLINE

HORSE POWER                    :  150-200

CRUIS CONTROL                 :  YES

KEYLESS ENTRY                  :  YES

CENTRE LOCK                      :  YES


TIPTRONIC GEAR                 :  YES

Nissan Altima 2013

    • You can find car From our stock
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    • Islamic finance also available
    • After clear document, approval within 3 working days
    • After approval within 3 days car will deliver
    • Refinance option also available if you have car
    • We could Assist for closing your previous car loan and to find a new buyer
    • We Arrange bank finance only, no private finance available
    • Pretty less interest from bank
    • Interest percentage starts from 2.25%  to 5.25% maximum
    • No down payment
    • Minimum salary  transfer 3000
    • The partner or company owner can apply for the loan , if the company had completed 1 year at least
    • Interest is available only for loan amount
    • Loan period from 1-year (minimum) to maximum 5 years
    • After 6 months or 1 year you could close the loan without interest
    • E M I can  be chosen as per your convenience
    • First Installment could be paid after 3 month or 6 month
    • Applicant for loan should have minimum 3000 amount as salary
    • No matter company should be listed or not
    • Even without driving incense we can do the needful
    • Approval from all major banks
    • Free Registration service
    • From different companies we can arrange insurance
    • Our processing charge will be 300 DHS
    • Within 3 days car can deliver after approval
    • We can arrange the car loan;with down payment, without down payment, with all additional expense included (on the road expenses can be included )
    • We arrange one year unlimited warranty as well as Service contract
    • Additional fittings accessories can be arranged if needed



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        No down payment | 100% car Loan 
        Minimum 3000 Salary 
        Bank or exchange statement 
        All ID copies
        The partner or company owner can apply for the loan , if the company      had completed 1 year at least.


       Trade licence 
       All ID copies
       Last 4 month bank statement 

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