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  • How can I apply for car loan?
    Talk to our agent first , then send me your documents , all other we do
  • What is auto loan
    A car loan is basically a loan backed by any financial institution (banks from UAE) for the purchase of a vehicle. With an auto loan, you don't pay for the depreciation of the vehicle like you would with a lease. You pay the purchase price of the vehicle plus interest. A car is considered as a part of life, so we are an easy and reliable way to get your auto loan.
  • What are the benefits if I go through UAE AUTO LOANS?
    You can buy car from any private sellers. Cash Paying to the seller will result in a lower price for the vehicle. You will never be stuck it a dealer with high price and damaged car. You will get 100% financing from the bank. You will not face any problem in down payment. You don't have to worry about any bank procedures.
  • Do you provide immediate cash for seller?
    Yes we can pay immediate cash for seller . So you can do maximum bargain with seller for cash price .
  • What are my benefits as buyer when offer money to the seller?
    You can negotiate the price of the car as much as possible. As well as no VAT from person to person. You can buy a car of your choice from a private seller. You won't be stuck with any high priced car.
  • As a seller what are the benefits If I offer 100% car loan ?
    Bank procedures are very complicated and time consuming process. Generally dealers in the market sell cars at very high prices through bank finance. And If you have a buyer who offers 100% bank finance, we will help you and the buyer get the loan approved. So you can sell the car at a very good price.
  • Why don't private sellers agree on bank financing?
    It's because most private sellers don't know about bank procedures . Almost all individual sellers have existing auto loan and they have to clear this first and for closing the loan they don't have enough money with them. Normally Banks will pay to the seller only after car registered under the name of the buyer and it will again take time because of the procedures after registration and so crediting money will be time lagging Moreover individual sellers prefer direct cash.
  • How can I trust in UAE AUTO LOAN ?
    We have started our service since 2014. We deal with all nationalities. We can provide relevant references for feedback from our satisfied customers. Click on this link to view our list of satisfied customers.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for applying an Auto Loan ?
    * Employees with minimum salary of AED3000 * Should have a salary account
  • What are the documents required for a car loan for salaried person ?
    * Salary Certificate * 4 months Bank Statement * Passport and Visa copy * Driving license * Emirates ID
  • What is your service charge ?
    Our service rates start from AED 525 Dhs.
  • Who will pay to the car seller ?
    If the seller needs money urgently or wants to pay off his previous loan, our company will pay the seller immediately!!
  • Who will provide AECB Forms ?
    You can get the AECB report through our website ( or Google it.
  • What are the documents required for a car loan for company or partner ?
    Trade licence Memorandum 4 month bank statement Telephone bill
  • How can I apply for car loan without any down payment ?
    Down payment is mandatory for all auto loans. Normally You have to pay 20% down payment . For sports cars, down payment starts from 25% onwards. However, down payment support can be extended through SUKUK package depending on Banks Discretion and we will support to arrange loan without down payment.
  • What is the Minimum age for getting a Auto Loan
    The Minimum age for applying an Auto Loan in UAE is 21years .
  • What is the minimum number of years I can applying for a car loan?
    Minimum will be one year (12 months ) .
  • From which model cars I can get 5 year car loan..?
    if your DBR and other scenario all oky then only these model you can go for car loan . ​ for that we can category A and B. Category A means salary between 3000- to 6000. Category B means salary 6000 or more. For a car loan minimum year we can go for 1 year and maximum loan period can be 5 years. If you are looking for less Emi then find 5 year loan plan model cars . ​ Category A salary 3000 to 6000 ​ 2016 -model or less model cars not possible for car loan 2015- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 1 2016-model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 2 2017 -model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 3 2018- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 4 2019- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 5 ​ ​ Category B salary 6000 or more ​ 2012 -model or less model cars not possible for car loan 2013- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 1 2014-model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 2 2015 -model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 3 2016- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 4 2017- model cars loan period can be minimum 1 year and maximum 5
  • Can I apply for a car loan if I am buying a 2014 model?
    Yes .You can get maximum loan tenure of 4 years and minimum of 1 year.
  • For 2013 model how many years can I get car loan ?
    2013 model maximum for 3 years and minimum for 1 year . 2012 model maximum for 2 years and minimum for 1 year . * It depends on the banks and your documents.
  • How can I reduce my Bank Interest rates ?
    Go for maximum less year of EMI and choose better bank as per your documents for less interest rate. For more details contact UAE AUTO LOANs team and apply now.
  • Where should I apply for salary certificate?
    You can apply for a salary certificate from your employer.
  • Is it possible to applying for a Carolan with one month old salary certificate ?
    No.The validity of your salary certificate should be less than one month.
  • Where should I apply for bank statement?
    You should apply for the bank statement at the same bank where your salary was transferred.
  • How many months bank statement is required to apply for a car loan ?
    We require complete bank statement of 3 months credited salary . If you take 4 months of bank statements it is best to avoid rejection. However you need to consult the UAE Auto Loans team before applying for the bank statement
  • I'm having problems with my Etihad credit bureau, how can I apply for a car loan?
    If any problems with Etihad Credit Bureau you will not be able to buy the car in your name. We can apply for car loan if any third party is willing to provide his or her documents.
  • What is mean by evaluation of car ?
    All banks have listed appraisers .Once your eligibility is confirmed they will ask you to bring the car .Then the appraiser will check your car and issue your car price certificate .
  • How much bank will approve amount
    If your EMI is approved by the bank, they will approve 80% of the loan amount from evaluation.
  • What is down payment ?
    Down payment is the initial payment made to the bank when we purchase a car through loan. Normally there is 20% Down payment is needed for carloan but uaeautoloans can arrange loan without any downpayment through sukuku package.
  • What will be my loan amount ?
    Loan amount will be 80% only if your downpayment is 20% .
  • What is sukuk package ?
    Some banks provide the option of special package like {sukuku} if you are facing issues in downpayment .They will approve 20% or less as a separate loan and it will go as your downpayment.
  • I don't have money for my downpayment , how can I buy the car through bank finance"
    Don' t worry .Discuss with our agent and give us your documents .we can provide 100% car loan with sukuk package.
  • What is Islamic finance ?
    Islamic finance refers to the means by which corporations in the Muslim world, including banks using the EIBOR rates, and other lending institutions, raise capital in accordance with Sharia, or Islamic law. It also refers to the types of investments that are permissible under this form of law.Here they are not taking bank interest but only profit.
  • Can UAE Auto Loans Help You Get Islamic Finance?
    Sure, We can help you to arrange Islamic finance from bank.
  • How many deferments permitted for auto loan ?
    Maximum 2 deferments permitted per loan year.1deferment should be during promotion period. This facility is available only for customers with direct debit as mode of payment .All depend upon banks terms and conditions.
  • How can I apply for a car loan If my salary is being received on the exchange?
    If you are getting salary on exchange, you need to open an account with the bank and transfer at least one month's salary into the bank account.
  • Are you doing a home finance ?
    No . we don't do home finance , as you know we are a finance agent company , we do car loan from different banks
  • Where can I choose a car for auto finance?
    You can choose your dream car from UAE or from us. We will help you arrange car finance.
  • I have seen a car in a private seller. Could you able to finance it?
    Yes even you find the car with a private seller we are able to help you to finance it !!
  • Why individual sellers are not agree with bank finance ?
    Normally all individual sellers prefer only cash deal . Apart from that bank will pay to seller,once seller register the car under buyer name.After registration seller and buyer need to submit pending documents . Then seller wait more days to get his cheque from the bank , behind this there is many procedure that normal people dont know many of that. so private sellers always prefer to sell his \her car on cash buyer
  • I want to buy a nice car from a private seller, but if the seller needs money urgently...
    Don't worry, our company will pay the seller urgently!!
  • I have seen a car from a private seller, but the car has a previous loan. How do I buy the car?
    If the seller has any loan on the car, we will help clear the existing loan and help to buy it as a monthly installment plan.
  • If I offer immediate payment to the seller, what benefits do I get?
    Do you know how car dealers buy cars at low prices ?They can offer money and negotiate the car prices as much as possible . We will support you by the same way as they do. You can pay cash urgently to the seller.
  • If I like to buy a used car from my friend can you help me
    Why not , we will help you to buy the car.
  • I don't know about cars, can uae auto loans team help me to find car in my budget"
    Sure. Discuss with us about your requirements ,we will help you to find the car as per your requirements.
  • Which banks handle car finance?
    We do car finance from all major banks in UAE. If you specifically select any bank, we will do it in the same bank. Otherwise we will let you know which bank is best for you as per your documents.
  • Which is the best bank in uae for car loan
    As per our suggestion ,all banks are following terms and condition from central banks .But depends up your documents they have different interest rates and policy .once we have your documents we will check with banks and will inform you.
  • Which car insurance do I buy?
    You can buy any insurance but it must be complete and have the same value as in the valuation report.A hire purchase letter to the bank is also required. It all depends on the bank and the loan. In some cases the bank chooses only Islamic insurance. Better to discuss with us before buying.
  • Where do I register my car?
    If you are not a UAE citizen, you can register your car in Emirates where you have your visa.
  • How can I apply for car loan without driving license ?
    For some banks, it is not mandatory that you have a driving license. But you have to open a file in RTA.
  • How much does it cost to open a file in RTA?
    To open an account in Dubai costs around AED200 dhs only.
  • What is third party registration ?
    If you don't have the documents for a car loan, you can do it using the documents of your relatives (blood relation). But the car registration will be in your name. (Documents may be different but car registration in your name is called third party registration)
  • About Profitability of UAE Auto Loan?
    We charge only a reasonable service charge for the services we provide, it starts from AED525 and you will get unlimited satisfying services and we are very transparent. Just contact our team when you need our services and we will discuss.
  • Do you have any used cars for sale ?
    Yes, we have many used cars for sale. We can help you arrange financing for these cars.
  • Why do we only have happy customers?
    Our customers are happy because of our rush-free services. Our service is customer oriented, transparent and 100% trustworthy. Our customers can buy a car of their choice at an affordable price.
  • Why some dealers afraid us ?
    Dealers always want to sell their cars at a higher price from customers for loans, and customers can't negotiate the price unless they're buying in cash. Dealers sell cars using fake history and technical manipulation. So here UAEAUTOLOANS is a threat to them and one of the reasons why their prices will drop is that it will reduce their huge profits.
  • Where can I choose my car?
    You can choose your car from anywhere, sellers are completely your choice .. From your friends, private seller, Dubizel or any online media. UAE AUTO LOANS is always with you until the car is registered in your name and returns to your home.
  • How can I apply for a car loan if my company is not listed with the bank?
    We can also arrange car loan facility for unlisted company employees.
  • What is the minimum salary required for car loan ?
    Minimum salary should be 3000 dhs only.
  • What is the maximum age for getting a Auto Loan ?
    The Maximum age for applying an Auto Loan in UAE when the loan period over the applicant should be less than 60 years old
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